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About us

  TRAST Aerosupermarket is a project that was launched in the year 2003 at Dubai Airshow bur its background comes back into 1999 when Mother Company AQUILINE International Corporation LTD  was set up in Sharjah International  Airport Free Zone. The main target of the project is to fulfill needs of airline operators and aircraft owners.

TRAST Aerosupermarket  is a place where you  can purchase almost any kind of aviation products starting from aircraft tires ending with entire aircraft.

Our major lines are:

    * Aircraft consumables ( tires, lubricants, greases, batteries).

    * Avionics and electronic systems.

We not only sell components but we also install them aboard your aircraft and provide full paperwork and after-sale service. We are ready to deliver and install the following systems in any part of the world: Traffic Avoidance Collision Systems TCAS, Enhanced Ground Proximity Systems EGPWS, Navigation systems RNAV .

    * Survival equipment:

We supply a wide range of the items which we believe will never be used in your operation but which are obligtory to have aboard every airacraft. These items can save life of your passengers and your crew in case of emergency: life vests, life rafts, oxygen equipment, emergency locator transmitters and many more.

    * Aeronautical information:

Jeppesen charts and maps, global positioning systems GPS, etc.

In our supermarket You can buy an engine for your aircraft, take our aircraft for a long term ACMI leasing, buy an aircraft or order spare parts which we will deliver to you in the shortest possible time to any part of the world.

TRAST Aerosupermarket
Reliable Source of Aviation Supplies
A Company of Your TRUST

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Main|Contacts|About us|Installations avionics