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ARTEX C406-N, Main Assembly

P/N 453-5060 -

The C406-N, Main Assembly (P/N 453-5060) contains the ELT transmitter only. To complete a C406-N system, a remote switch, antenna, co-ax cable and mounting hardware is required.


Product No. 453-5060
Approvals ETSO 2C126, TSO C126, TSO C91a
Battery Lithium


KANNAD 406 AF - Automatic fixed Cospas-Sarsat ELT three frequency transmitter

Specialist in pinpointing distresses by satellite and number one in 406 MHz ...

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ARTEX C406-1 w/110-341 blade antenna
AMERI-KING 406 / 121.5 / 243 MHz ELT no GPS Position

Applicable to all Aircraft types: Transport Aircraft; Business Jet Aircraft; General Aviation, Helicopters.

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