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Catalog / ELT Beacons / Planes / ARTEX B406-4 (Boeing) w/110-328-01 blade antenna

ARTEX B406-4 (Boeing) w/110-328-01 blade antenna

P/N 455-5034 -

The Artex ELT B406-4 system (P/N 455-5034) includes: Transmitter, High Speed Blade Antenna, Installation Kit and Mounting Bracket Assembly, Coax Cables, Manual and Drawings. The system has been modified to interface with Boeing's Master Caution System and it is approved for use on all models of the 737, 747, 757, 767 & 777. For 737 installations, a DZUS mounted remote panel (P/N 453-0161) is required. COSPAS/SARSAT, FAA TSO C126, & JTSO-2C126 & Boeing Approved. It is also designed to be coupled with the ELT to NAV Interface-B (P/N 453-6501 E/N-B, main assembly or P/N 455-6501 E/N-B with install kit). Product picture shown with optional DZUS mounted remote panel for B737.


Product No. 455-5034
Antenna 110-328-01 Blade
Approvals ETSO 2C126, TSO C126, TSO C91a
Battery Lithium


ARTEX C406-2 w/110-337 blade antenna

C406-2 with 110-337 blade antenna.

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ARTEX C406-N w/110-341 blade antenna, 15 ft. co-ax cable and black RMT

C406-N with 110-341 blade antenna, 15 ft. co-ax cable and black remote switch.

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ARTEX C406-1, Main Assembly

The C406-1, Main Assembly (P/N 453-5002) contains the ELT transmitter only..

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